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October 14, 2017
The Bespoke Process

Film producer and maker Somi Arian has completed the documentary she has been shooting for us on Savile Row and the wonderful end result can now be seen here, on the homepage of our website, and on our Vimeo channel.

Twelve weeks in the making, the film is entitled The Bespoke Process and features many Savile Row Bespoke Association (SRBA) members explaining and showing how they go about making what is widely acknowledged to be the best tailoring in the word. Pictured are, from top to bottom, SRBA Chairman William Skinner of Dege & Skinner, Richard Anderson of his own house of the same name, and Joe Morgan of Chittleborough & Morgan.

Somi is now working on a longer version of the film, which she will be submitting to film festivals and television channels.

Says Somi:

"My first contact with Savile Row was in late 2014 when I worked as part of the film crew on a project about a Bentley inspired jacket made by several Savile Row tailors.

"I was always fascinated by luxury brands rooted in heritage and when I started my own production company in 2015, this naturally became our niche. Following a short film that we made for Burlington Arcade, I looked to Savile Row as our next project.

"It was an amazing experience to be able to interview almost all the members of the Savile Row Bespoke Association, and in the process I’ve met some new friends.

"From the first meeting to the final edit, the film, took about twelve weeks to do and we’ve had a team of five people working on it. We have also got more in depth interviews that were not used in this film and my team and I are planning to re-edit a longer form documentary to submit to film festivals and TV channels.

"Perhaps the most memorable moment for me was meeting Angus Cundey, the godfather of Savile Row. It was a moving experience and I’m so pleased to have had the pleasure of a conversation with him. And finally I found it inspiring to see so many young people in Savile Row and that is the angle that I will be focusing on, in my up-coming documentary."

SRBA Director Su Thomas commented:

"I have been asked many times to explain the work that goes into constructing a bespoke suit and I'm delighted how this film demonstrates this highly skilled process.

"The effort and support that has been given to training has transformed the Row, safeguarding the street as a unique sartorial destination and codifying training with a set of standards while protecting individual house styles."

Everyone at the SRBA would like to thank Somi and her team for The Bespoke Process.

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