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October 21, 2019
USA Tariffs

With the introduction of today's 25% tariff on the import of bespoke suits into the USA, an increase from the previous 12%, the UK’s bespoke tailors have undoubtedly been dragged into a wider, long-running trade dispute relating to the airline industry.

Imposition of this USA tariff comes at a particularly sensitive time. There’s a high degree of uncertainty amongst all UK businesses in all sectors about the short-term and long-term effects of Brexit, and now we have to contend with these new imposed tariffs in the US, a traditionally strong and stable market for British bespoke tailors.

Historically the USA has been a very strong market for Savile Row tailors; everyone from Presidents to Hollywood actors, musicians to businessmen have chosen to buy British bespoke tailoring for its superior quality. Savile Row's bespoke tailors have hosted trunk shows in US since half-way through the last century!

Curious then that Trump hasn't imposed tariffs on French or Italian tailors. Unlike previous Presidents, it may not come as a surprise to find out that Trump is not dressed by Savile Row!

William Skinner, Chairman of the Savile Row Bespoke Association and MD of Dege & Skinner said: "Since the WTO ruling at the start of this month, we’ve had a matter of days to prepare for what initially and unfortunately inevitably, will have a negative impact on our US business, and our US-based customers.

The imposition of a 25% price hike on bespoke suits is a significant amount of money for any business to merely absorb overnight, without consequence.

We're in discussion at government level to see how we can resolve this unfortunate trading situation in the interests of our business and most importantly, our long established, valued and loyal customer base in the US."

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