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March 8, 2024
International Women’s Day

Taken this week to mark today’s International Women’s Day, the photograph featured here is testament to the significant part women play in every aspect of Savile Row bespoke tailoring.

Women in senior and specialist tailoring positions at Savile Row Bespoke Association (SRBA) members currently include, to name just a few, Nina Penlington (Head Cutter at Edward Sexton), Sarah Wilkinson (military tailoring specialist at Dege & Skinner), and Jules Walker (Head of Military at Gieves & Hawkes). And, of course, there is pioneering SRBA Associate Member Kathryn Sargent, who served her apprenticeship at Gieves, where she went on to become the first female Head Cutter on Savile Row.

There is also a host of women working across all areas of businesses on Savile Row, with Simon Cundey, Managing Director of SRBA member Henry Poole, reporting that 45% of his staff are now female. And, importantly, there is a fast-increasing number of young women apprentices. “Of the 104 apprentices that have joined SRB members over the past 19 years, 53% were women,” states SRBA Chairman Mark Henderson. “Women are a very significant part of the tailoring workforce on the Row at all levels.”

Photograph by David Parry/PA Wire



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