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May 7, 2024
27 Savile Row

Savile Row's tailoring community - represented by the Savile Row Bespoke Association and the street's tailors - has rallied together in a show of unity ahead of Westminster City Council's planning committee meeting on 14th May, when the redevelopment of the former West End Central police station at 27 Savile Row will be considered.

The tailors of Savile Row – some of whom have operated on the street for well over 100 years - have released an emotive video that calls on Westminster councillors to approve a scheme (see picture) that has been put forward by development managers Henigman.

The significant benefits of the redevelopment scheme include Grade A office space, a destination restaurant and, importantly for Savile Row's core tailoring community, a rent-free home for the London Academy of Bespoke (LAB). LAB is a bespoke tailoring school that provides apprentices with hands on training and a path to long-term employment with the established tailors of the Row. Naturally, LAB's presence at 27 Savile Row would help hugely to ensure the future of Savile Row bespoke tailoring.

The redevelopment's design, which has been guided by extensive consultation with the local community, is endorsed by over 100 supportive letters that echo the tailors' sentiments with regards to revitalising the northern end of Savile Row.

Mark Henderson, Chair of the SRBA, comments: “Restaurants, Grade A office space and affordable tailoring workspace are exactly the combination of things we need on the Row. At the moment, at the northern end of Savile Row, you have a derelict police station.

“This building can’t be left derelict; viewing from Regent Street, this is an important façade and it's vital it should look fresh, but also that it has a mix of uses completely complementary to the businesses on the Row. That is exactly what the Savile Row special policy demands, and that is what this development is proposing.

“We urge Westminster Councillors to approve the plans so these benefits can be realised as soon as possible."

Anda Rowland of Anderson & Sheppard was also clear in her support of the scheme:

"As you move towards the police station, its overwhelming sadness and heaviness is a deterrent to foot traffic. I cannot imagine anything that building is suitable for other than the local prison. There is no light, the ceiling heights are very bad, and the basement area is truly terrifying.

“There is new energy on Savile Row, and we need new energy on the northern end of the street – that is what the redevelopment of 27 Savile Row would bring.”

Dean Main of Henigman added: "This development would not only preserve the legacy of tailoring, but it also commits to do so sustainably. A significant portion of the façade materials (up to 95%) from the original structure would be repurposed, marrying respect for the past with a vision for a greener future.

“The ambitious scheme offers more than an architectural landmark; it embodies the hope for a modern Savile Row that celebrates tradition, supports the next generation, and advances towards a sustainable future.

“We have been delighted to work with the Savile Row community over the past two years to bring forward a scheme that would deliver Grade A office space, which we hope will attract a global fashion brand, a new destination restaurant, and rent-free tailoring workspace.”


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